Ground Branch – Build Update #031: Patch V1031.3

Our last game update, patch V1031.2, arrived with more bugs than we anticipated. Luckily we were able to diagnose and fix most of them relatively easily, packaged and tested a new build, and are now rolling it out as a hotfix for you all.

Hopefully this will take care of most of the recent reported issues—if it doesn’t, you know what to do, but please check the known issues listed at the end of the fixes list to make sure it hasn’t already been noted.

Changes and fixes


Ready Room
  • Fixed
    Ops Board

    “In Progress” overlay not always showing up.

  • Fixed
    Ready Room

    team wall not always being removed for PvP modes.

  • Fixed the player character in the
    Customize Operator

    screen disappearing if the round started mid-customization.

  • Increased sound occlusion in the testing range.
  • Added spatial audio volume for the Customize Operator screen’s background to block all sounds while customizing character.
  • Fixed round time not being cleared when round stage timer is.


Weapons and attachments
  • Fixed

    magazine’s display name (was listed as 15 rounds when it’s actually 17).

  • Fixed NVG effect not being loaded correctly sometimes and displaying no green tint.
  • Fixed shotguns preventing players from changing items when fired.
  • Updated collision on optics to allow placing the
    Offset Rail

    and low-mount


    where applicable.


Spectator Mode
  • Fixed
    Show Player Names


    Show Enemy Blips

    not being applied immediately while the spectator overlay is shown.

  • Fixed spectators having the ready status set to

    when sent to the RR even if they had been




Maps & level design
  • Fixed grenades colliding with foliage—they should now go right through leaves.
  • Fixed foliage protecting players from grenade explosions.
  • Fixed various bugs on

    dealing with collision on pipes and some visual issues with the internal stairs.


  • Changed in-game menu

    button to a drop-down list containing an option to open the Admin Panel, as well as a list of quick admin commands (thanks, Prowlaz!).

  • Fixed
    Admin Panel

    spamming console/log with admin commands.

  • Fixed

    command not working in


    round stage.

  • Fixed dead bodies being created when



    commands are used.


Known issues

These audio-related issues were reported, but not yet diagnosed or successfully fixed:

  • Occasional lack of gunshot SFX.
  • Long bursts with the

    machine gun can cause the sound to bug out.


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