Ground Branch – Build Update #030: Patch V1031.2


Build ID:

6669244 (Client) / 6669250 (Dedicated Server)

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119.8 MB (Client) / 60.2 MB (Dedicated Server)



We strongly recommend everyone to delete all files located in


(copy-paste this into your File Explorer address bar and hit Enter) to ensure your old saved files do not conflict with the latest changes and cause input and settings issues.

Patch V1031.2

is now live on the regular GROUND BRANCH Steam® app!

The second patch for release V1031 includes UI/UX and quality-of-life updates, general bug fixes, and a lot of under-the-hood work to better support game modes in the future. Let’s break it down:

Quality of life

Mission Settings (Ops Board)


Ops Board

(the old LED screen where players can change mission parameters and select insertion points in the Ready Room) has been changed from an in-world UI to a pop-up window with the same functionality—except a little easier to use.

Server admins (or any local player in

Lone Wolf

) now can simply click the right-hand half of the Ops Board to change mission settings in a UI overlay, and then submit all changes in one go:

The mission setting values will continue to be listed on the in-world board until they are replaced with a system that integrates them into the objective descriptions.

Show Remaining Threats

The HUD counter for remaining enemies (in Terrorist Hunt) was moved away from the center of the screen and back to the top-left corner, as well as made optional once again.

Use the

Show Remaining Threats

mission setting to change how it behaves:

  • The number set in this option represents how many enemies are left before the counter starts displaying (e.g. when set to 8, the counter will start displaying when there are 8 enemies left).
  • Setting it to 0 disables the counter entirely.
Dedicated server spectators

It is now possible to

join a server as a spectator

without it affecting the max player count.

The maximum amount of spectators is controlled by a


option and is currently capped at 16. While this does mean you could have up to 32 people on one server—16 players, 16 spectators—remember to talk with your server provider first to get more slots.

Improved spectator experience
  • First-person view should use correct sight lines and look smoother.
  • Better handling of toggle HUD command.
  • Show Player Names


    Show Enemy Blips

    selections are now saved to config files.

  • Minimap rotation should now be correct on all maps.
New watch face

The wristwatch has been updated with improved readability:

➥ The new fonts and adjusted sizes should make the watch face cleaner and easier to read. We’ve also temporarily removed the heartrate (BPM) display until that functionality is actually in place.

Gunfire loop fixed

The dreaded gunfire loop has breathed its last, with Mikson coming to the rescue with the insight Kris needed to find and kill it once and for all… hopefully. Fingers are crossed.

Net cull distance increased

We doubled the net cull distance from 150 to

300 meters

to ensure that, while playing online, characters are visible at a distance to clients. This is particularly relevant on maps with longer sightlines, like 747.

This is a stop-gap method until we get the chance to start using the replication graph system.

Weapon kit validation system

Due to the large number of bugs related to improperly placed sights and firearm attachments in general, a lot of work went into improving the kit validation logic related to them.


Oops! All your stuff is gone 🙁

As a result of the kit validation system, the kit version number has been changed to help prevent the use of existing kits that would no longer be considered valid. This means

all existing kits and builds will no longer be loaded

, so make sure to rebuild your go-to kits in-game before hopping online! We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

The validation process includes making sure that:

  • Magnifiers (i.e.
    G33 Magnifier

    ) are placed behind non-magnified optics.

  • Night vision scopes (i.e.

    ) are placed in front of magnified optics.

  • Rear (iron) sights have a matching front sight post.
  • A sight is not blocked by another attachment.
  • Only one type of optic can be placed on a sight line (i.e. no optic “conga lines”).
  • Only one iron sight or front sight post can be on a sight line.
  • All attachment mounting points are in contact with a rail.
  • A riser is placed directly on a rail or adapter and not another riser.
  • Attachments are not overlapping each other.

Trying to save a weapon build that fails any of the above will prompt players with what needs fixing, as well as prevent the loadout from applying:

🐞 The system will need fine-tuning to not be overly restrictive with certain combinations. Please let us know if you come across any such configurations that should be both possible and usable, but are not.

New Admin Panel

Due to changes related to mission settings and game rule handling, the

Admin Panel

(F8) has been updated and received a first pass of the new UI style:

Yes, you can finally unban people and see a list of team-killers!

Whitelist support

To keep a server private, servers admins can now choose to use a


instead of a password.

The system checks the whitelist file periodically, allowing updates to happen just by replacing or updating the file. The file itself in standard CVS format, making it possible to use a common spreadsheet program and export the results.

As with most admin task, it is also possible to update this via Admin Panel while connected as an admin.

Game rules are now stored next to other server options

Along with the mission setting changes, this change removes the need to remember the associated command line, while still allowing them to be changed on the fly or overridden by a map list entry.


  • Fixed

    ‘s engine sound occlusion stuttering when moving to upper decks.

  • Replaced outdated tire bullet impact SFX.
  • Fixed ground power unit interaction sounds on 747.
  • Minor under-the-hood optimizaton changes.


  • Removed leftover ladder from subway car that allowed players to mount it.
  • Added glass to alleyway building fronts.
  • Added doors to central square buildings.
  • Added power switches to central square buildings, alleyway buildings and underground station.
  • Added AI cover nodes to cars: bots will now use them for cover.
  • Replaced the old texts saying “RED TEAM” and “BLUE TEAM” on each side’s entrance with flags on poles of the respective team’s color.
  • Changed the color of the lights on each side to reflect the teams as well.
General map cleanup

John has also done some minor miscellaneous cleanup (LODs, landscapes, collision, lighting etc.) on most maps.


  • Fixed a whole bunch of crashes.
  • Fixed

    burst mode having no sound.

  • Fixed NVG effect being inconsistency across maps.
  • Made drop-down menus stand out better against other menus and text when opened.
  • Mouse sensitivity settings now allow decimal digit values for fine-tuning. You can still click and type a specific value instead of clicking and dragging.
  • New icons for

    screen and Ready Room player status.


Under-the-hood game mode work

What originally started as changes to ensure mission settings and game mode rules were being read from the command line properly soon expanded to include a lot more.

This culminated in working closely with community member (and GB proto-modder)


to fix, update or outright rewrite existing game mode logic. Many of these changes are mentioned in the raw changelog here, and more can be gleamed by looking through the existing .lua files for those interested.

A number of these changes will make it into various community guides in time, and a new game mode by fatmarrow—

Dynamic Take and Secure

 (DTAS)—is currently being implemented and tested (with tentative release in V1032) thanks to them.

Known issues
  • Sound occlusion in the Ready Room appears to be broken again. We’ll get that patched up as soon as we can.
  • The NVG effect has been reported to be missing the green tint on
    The Farm

    (Training map), but not consistently. Please report a bug if you experience this issue on a map!

  • When playing

    , the round start dialog may disappear too fast to read.


This has been BUILD UPDATE #030!

We appreciate you taking the time to read our release notes! Quick remindeer that you can read the raw change log here, and don’t forget to let us know about any issues you find that are not listed here. Til the next update!


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