4Netplayers sponsors your server

At the beginning of every great success there was an idea, a plan and a wish, but often enough it fails at the first steps. You have a special or completely new idea for a server, community or streaming project, but the implementation fails because of the costs? Convince us with your concept and we will give you the necessary hardware. If your project will be a success, everybody has won and if not - experiences are priceless and you had no financial risk.

How does it work?

Send us an email with the subject Sponsorship to support@4netplayers.com, in which you present your concept and explain why your project is different from others, what makes it special and how you want to be successful. Convince us of your idea and your plan. If we believe in you and your concept, we will provide you with a server for 6 months and you can start immediately.

For us, your success is of course measured primarily by the player numbers and if they are permanently above 75%, then we will continue to provide you with the server. In addition, we can then plan and implement further steps together, which will allow your project to grow further.

Included with every game server

Automatic updates
We take care of all updates. As soon as an update is available, it will be installed by our technical department.
Automatic mod system
If supported by the game must only enter the Steamworkshop ID. Our system will automatically install the mod.
Web interface
Easily create and manage your server. No prior knowledge required.
Customer support
We have a professional team for your questions, available for free by phone, chat and email.
Cloud game server
Over 100 games and mods are available at no extra cost. New games are automatically included.
DDOS protection
Protection system, so that there is no interruption of the game operation in the event of an attack....

What we expect from you.

Besides a solid concept and a unique idea, the game server must of course be publicly accessible, pure war and/or training servers are excluded. You should have experience in the configuration and administration of game servers, but of course our support can help you with details. We also expect regular feedback to improve our service.

Affiliate included

If your project and your server are successful, you can of course earn money with it. You can spread your personal link generated by us on your website, your forum or on your Discord. If someone orders a game or Teamspeak server from us via this individual link, this is worth cash money for you. After the cancellation period of 14 days you will get the complete first month as commission credited to your 4Netplayers account.
Create link
Distribute link
receive revenue

What can I earn?

Minecraft Server: from €3.78
Minimum configuration: 4 player slots, with branding, no extras 
Valheim Server: from €8.87
Minimum configuration: 10 slot server, incl. branding option, no extras selected
DayZ Server: from 7,56€
Minimum configuration: 8 slot server, incl. branding option, no extras selected
LS19 Server: from €3.49
Minimum configuration: 4 slot server, incl. branding option, no extras selected
100+ more game titles
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