Don’t Starve Together – [Game Hotfix] – 477964

  • Fixed crash in Shop screen due to missing art.
  • Fixed a crash while crafting a Rift Watch while free crafting is enabled with mods
  • Fixed a black screen when two Wanda’s use a Second Chance Watch on the same ghost.
  • Fixed crafting materials not being consumed with the sculpting table and a few of the crafting recipes.
  • Fixed a bug where Wanda would get the new crafting sanity bonus every time she crafted a Backtrek watch.
  • Fixed a rare crash while raising an Anchor
  • Added Wanda’s animated short to her compendium page.
  • Fixed Essential Wanda skin name.
  • Fixed weavable characters showing up when in offline mode.
  • Fixed Wanda’s missing feet when wearing Free Roaming Feet.
  • Fixed Wanda’s nose when yawning.
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