Empyrion – v1.5.1 Patch

v1.5.1 (B3384)

Hier ist das Changelog für v1.5.1 mit einigen Fixes, an denen wir gearbeitet haben. Viel Spaß und bitte melden Sie Bugs und Probleme wie immer – vielen Dank!

  • Added: Trader heavy OPV (filbertfarmer)
  • Added: Polaris large freighters (Don2k7)
  • Added: [ARC] orbital station and defense satellites (Don2k7); currently set to Warlord faction.
  • Updated: Abandoned Bunker (vermillion)
  • Fixed: Traders in Pirates Hyper City cannot be approached (check link: https://empyriononline.com/threads/common-mistakes-please-read.98083/ )
  • Updated ModAPI documentation
  • Add texture selection on the screen of the Texture/Color tool (Symbols will be displayed here also in one of the next releases)
  • Removed internal /* comment markers and replaced with # to make the BlocksConfig.ecf and ItemsConfig.ecf better readable by tools
  • Added: POI and vessels for the Warlord „Wastelanders“ subfaction (theScriptHD)
  • Added: Raptor Ranch (Pirates) & OPV Warlord „Atlas“ (sulusdacor)
  • Added: Colonist OPVs ‚Escort Series‘ (Robot Shark)
  • Added: UCH 3rd & 5th fleet + BAOs ( Don2k7)
  • Updated: OPV Trader light & med (filbertfarmer), Crashed Vessel A & B (Escarli), Com & Science Satellite (DarkestWarrior)
  • Updated stock blueprint: Core Horizon (Garaman)
  • Updated various Brotherhood of Farr POIs (spanj, goldwingknight, Don2k7; full changelog: https://empyriononline.com/threads/v1-5-exp-new-faction-brotherhood-of-farr.97695/#post-436157 )
  • Updated: TSO Ningues (Pear)


  • The temperature symbol is shown in Celsius when Fahrenheit is selected (when changing this option from inside a running game you need to quit to main menu and resume to see the change)
  • Exception after destroying planet vessel HQ
  • UI info spam with frequent and many reputation changes
  • Lens flares are too large
  • Exit savegame leads to Ordered Actions not completing anymore
  • Vessels can sometimes be found to „Rise“ when returning to them on planets
    If you find the „Rise“ still happens for you please send a copy of the servers logs folder for the build that it’s on f.ex “3384” ( which contains the dedicated_log’s & Playfield_log’s ) to support@empyriongame.com & note down the time in the playfield log the „Rise“ of the vessel happened so we have a starting point on where to look in the log.




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