Don’t Starve Together – [Game Hotfix] – 469733

Bug Fixes

  • Spiders no longer return to burning or frozen dens
  • Mutating a spider in a backpack no longer crashes the game
  • Fixed some animation flows when feeding spiders
  • Fixed a potential memory leak issue with the spider buffs
  • Fixed a looping sound issue when dens burned
  • Fixed a bug where spiders would get stuck on the wrong sleep state when dropped from the inventory
  • Bedazzled or follower spiders no longer have a negative sanity aura on non-Webber players
  • Players can no longer shave dead, burning or frozen spider dens
  • Fixed a bug where Bedazzled spiders would still attack players unprovoked
  • Fixed Webber not being faster on Webbed tiles on the client
  • Fixed a bug where any character could pickup sleeping spiders by pressing space
  • Fixed some missing symbols on the spiderden
  • Webber can now eat raw meat with no penalty
  • Fixed some symbol issues with Webber’s idle when he wore a hat
  • Nurse spiders no longer heal dead spiders
  • Fixed a sound issue with the Healing Glop
  • Fixed a bug causing Malbatross to be unsummonable after reloading the world unless you went fishing.
  • Followers will now retain their loyalty to you upon reconnecting to the world if you are close enough to them when rejoining.
  • The Attack button will no longer target spiders as Webber.
  • Fixed a crash when unloading mods with custom world setting groups.
  • Fixed a bug causing modded world setting icons to not appear until you scrolled the world settings page a tiny bit.
  • Fixed a texture issue with Silk Robes when using the pickaxe.
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