Alpha 5.58 is out!

Hello survivors!
This update brings the long awaited military faction, This faction mainly operates beyond the wall in zone 2, they are well armed and well organized, proceed with caution!

I have also added 2 new locations in zone 2 the barracks and the mall.

Lots of tweaks and changes went into this update based on the community feedback.

Stay safe out there!

Patch note


Alpha 5.58b


  • New car – RANGE EDGE
  • Reduced pickup fuel consumption
  • Added new faction paramilitary
  • Added paramilitary grunt
  • Added paramilitary heavy gunner
  • Added paramilitary riot shield
  • Added crest tier 2
  • Added katanna
  • Fixed gardening station crafts
  • Fixed wooden door saving passcode
  • Added new POI – the MALL
  • Increased rubber drops
  • Increased tier 2 vehicle system components drop
  • Increased vinegar drop rate
  • Increased all weapons durability
  • Fixed mobs flipping vehicles